Requests for Proposal – Shooting Locations

The below projects are actively looking for locations for their next film and television shoots. For Vermont towns interested in hosting, please reach out to filmmakers directly.

Stay Awake


For years, teen brothers Ethan and Derek have tried to help their mother, Michelle, overcome a prescription drug addiction without success. When Michelle disappears, Ethan and Derek question the futility of searching for someone who can’t seem to control her disease.


STAY AWAKE takes place during the winter in the fictional small rural town of Langford. A combination of working class small towns will provide the backdrop for Langford, Vermont.

Production Budget

Total: $1,020,000
Local Vermont Spend: $653,000

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Production Timeline

Pre-Production: October – November, 2018
Production: December 2018
Post-Production: Spring 2019
Festival Premiere: Fall 2019/Winter 2020


Kelly Thomas | 1.323.240.7187
[email protected]

David Ariniello | 310.430.4951
[email protected]

Jamie Sisley | 1.571.213.8273
[email protected]