I got my start as the production manager at Ski The East located in Williston, Vermont. I still proudly produce their videos throughout the ski season working with the finest skiers on the East Coast and producing the largest ski only webseries on the East Coast known as Spectral. Now I work with clients to […]

Professional storytelling, promotions, documentaries, news, fundraising and feature profiles. I produce high quality, dynamic videos that are engaging to the viewer, which helps make a connection with your clients or customers.

20 + years experience- tons of new gear – flexible pricing WAGER REEL 2017: https://vimeo.com/211121143/493bd15c02

Main Idea is a full service video content production collective. We specialize in branded content, storytelling, and music video. Our goal is to create meaningful video content that stands out in today’s cluttered digital landscape. We choose to work with forward thinking brands, agencies, artists, and labels.

We take compelling stories and create an experience that moves audiences to feel, act and react. For us it’s about crafting meaningful and inspired content driven by people and culture. We do this through collaboration with our clients and creative partners in Vermont and beyond.

Documentary production company. Angela Snow is the Founder / Director / Producer with extensive experience – and works often – as *Production Manager, Line Producer, Coordinator* in Reality TV & Commercials.