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Posted 6/27/18

Role: Production Runner/ Production Assistant (PAID ROLE)

Date: Saturday June 30th – approx. 07:30 – 15:30

Location: South Burlington, VT

Info: We are filming for a BBC3 online series in South Burlington. Key duties for the runner will be collecting contributor release forms at a busy event / kit assistance/ general assistance to Producer to ensure day runs smoothly and efficiently.
Ideally based local to South Burlington with own transport to location (hotel accommodation could be offered on Friday eve if necessary). Travel expenses covered.
Please contact [email protected]

Posted on 5/23/18



Project info
Project title: STORMCHASER
Contract: SAG-AFTRA Ultra-Low Budget Film Agreement
Rehearsal/Shoot rate: ULB scale
Start date: 6/24/18
Production period: 6/24/18 – 7/2/18
Shoot location: Southern Vermont (Manchester / Bennington / East Arlington / Dorset / Rutland)

Bonnie is a door-to-door ‘door’ saleswoman in the drowsy town of Shamrock. Down-on-her-luck and up against a recession — the harder she chases a sale, the faster doors slam in her face. Her boss, Flip, doesn’t believe in the recession and rallies his young bucks into a frenzied battle cry. After being publicly shamed, Bonnie rekindles her childhood passion with the help of a colleague, giving her the confidence to close her first deal. But when Flip pulls a bait-and-switch to avoid paying her commission, Bonnie challenges him, sending Flip into a rage as fierce as the approaching storm. Determined to prove herself, Bonnie races toward it — blind to the internal storm that’s chasing her.

Notes to talent
● SAG and non-SAG actors can apply
● If you are not already a Vermont resident, you must be willing to be a Vermont local hire.
Please note in your submission where you are based.
● Story takes place in the town of Shamrock in Middle America (a backwater town).
● All roles must be portrayed with a neutral midwestern accent.

Roles we are seeking
[YOUNG BONNIE BLUE]. Female. 13-15 yrs old. Caucasian. Blue eyes. A true 13-15 year old. Petite and feminine, but has a tomboyish quality to her (1 scene, no lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[BONNIE’S FATHER]. Male. 40 yrs old. Caucasian. A strapping man with (preferably) blue eyes. Bonnie’s passionate midwestern father who taught her how to chase storms. We see him in a flashback (1 scene, no lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[MAN]. Male. 40 to 60s. Caucasian. Blue collar backroads type. Bold and brash as he greets Bonnie with a shotgun to get her off his property (1 scene, 6 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[COUSIN RICK]. Male. Mid 20s. Caucasian. A younger carbon copy of his boss Flip Smyth. Has brown hair and brown eyes. After closing a high-end deal, “Slick Rick” is a rising star at Flip-Sliding. He plans his work, works his plan, and sells like hell. (3 scenes, 7 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[YOUNG SALESMAN]. Male. Early 20s. Caucasian. A small town, eager to please salesman, with a boyish energy. Works at Flip-Sliding, and is one of many who have bought into the boss’s ‘bait and switch’ philosophy. (3 scenes, 3 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[MR. JOHNSON]. Male. Mid 50s. Caucasian. Irish looking. A modest, impressionable middle-class husband who has a charming home. He gets manipulated by Flip and, against his better judgment, purchases Flip Siding products (1 scene, 7 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[HOUSEWIFE]. Female. Mid 30s to 50s. Caucasian. A plump, small town housewife with a sense of humor and wonder. A bit naive, she ultimately buys Bonnie’s pitch — becoming her first customer. (1 scene, 7 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[FEMALE REPORTER]. Female. Late 30s to 40s. Caucasian. A local Shamrock reporter. Well put together, white collar type (1 scene, 4 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

[WAITRESS]. Female. 55-60. Caucasian. A career waitress who has worked at the local diner since her 20s. Caring motherly type with a sharp sense of humor. Knows the backstory on all of her patrons (1 scene, 4 lines). Must be a VT local hire.

Extras roles
[OLDER SALESMAN]. Male. Early 60s. Caucasian. Small town, enthusiastic go-getter working at Flip-Sliding. He is completely invested in the boss’s ‘bait and switch’ philosophy and closing a sale, no matter what. Think “Wolf of Wall Street” (3 scenes, no specific lines but chants the work mantra). Must be a VT local hire.

[5 SALES GUYS]. Male. Early 20s to early 30s. Caucasian. Small town, enthusiastic go-getters working at Flip-Sliding. They are completely invested in their boss’s ‘bait and switch’ philosophy and closing a sale, no matter what. Think “Wolf of Wall Street” (3 scenes, no specific lines but chants the work mantra). Must be a VT local hire.

[POLICE OFFICER]. Male. Caucasian. 30s to 50s. Stands guard outside of Flip Siding Headquarters in background with crime scene tape as News Reporter gives a Breaking News update (1 scene, no lines). Must be VT local hire.

[DINER CUSTOMERS]. Male and female. 20-50. Caucasian. Midwestern locals enjoying their meal at the local diner (1 scene, no lines). Extra role. Must be a VT local hire.

Interested? Here’s how to submit!
1. You can submit on either Actors Access or Casting Networks
2. If you are not already a member of the above sites, please email us at
[email protected] the below information:
● Your headshot, acting resume, and link to reel/s.
● Your cell number and email address
● If you are not a Vermont resident, please specify that you’re willing to be a VT local hire.
● Note in the subject line of your email which role you are submitting for.

Posted 5/9/18

Position: Screenwriting Workshop Coordinator

Organization: Middlebury College

The Middlebury Bread Loaf Screenwriting Workshop will be held in Middlebury, VT (main campus and Bread Loaf Campus) in January 2018 and will bring together Middlebury students enrolled in the Film and Media Winter Term Class, distinguished professionals from the entertainment industry, and six emerging screenwriters selected through a nationwide open application process. Inspired by powerhouses such as the Sundance and Film Independent Labs, the Bread Loaf Screenwriting Workshop will mobilize Middlebury’s alumni and faculty resources to build a hub of creativity where our students can have a first experience of the professional screenwriting world.

The Workshop Coordinator will be responsible for the management, organizing and logistics of the workshop from its launching to the final post-workshop evaluation. Working under the supervision of the Workshop Director, the Coordinator will manage the application process, the inviting, communication and continued contact with the selected fellows and the mentors, the media presence of the workshop, the preparation and logistics of the week-long event, as well as the post-workshop wrap, evaluation and prep for the next edition. The Coordinator will be at the center of a network consisting of College units, entertainment industry professionals, national and Internet-based media, alumni, guests and students and will be responsible for building and maintaining this network.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an energetic, hard-working and superbly organized individual. The ideal candidate will have great communication skills and a passion for the film industry (especially screenwriting). This nine month term position will give you the background and skills to prepare you for working in a coordinating, producing or assistant managing position in a wide variety of environments, as well as excellent contacts and a calling card in the film industry.

This is a term position from July 3, 2017 to April 8, 2018, approximately 30 hours per week (40 per week in January). Position is eligible for part-time benefits.

Recent Graduates of Middlebury College preferred (Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017).

More Information

Posted 4/16/18


Project Information:

Dates: April 20th, 22nd and 23rd
Production title: Don’t You Dairy
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Student Film
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Director: Marc Sheehan
Producer: Kaitlyn Turner, Hofstra University
Shooting Location: Manchester VT
Compensation: Food Provided

Please reach out to Kaitlyn at [email protected] with your interest and fill out this contact form:

Posted 3/29/18

Who: Travel Channel docu-series

Subject: The history of Bennington Triangle and some of the “spooky” or “mysterious” disappearances.

Filming Dates: Mid-April, 2018

Looking For:

EXTRAS to play roles in re-creation scenes:

-Young woman to play “Paula Weldon,” college student who disappeared

-Middle aged/older man to play Middie Rivers

-2 Men to recreate Mill Worker Murder

-Man of bigger stature—the spooky Bennington Monster!

Total 5 actors. Age of men can be somewhat flexible—but the college student role needs to be a younger woman.



-Finding people with weird, mysterious, eerie, or even paranormal experience Bennington Triangle. Interviews/personal experiences/recreations.


Contact: [email protected]