Getting Here & Getting Around

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Vermont is within driving distance of a number of major metropolitan areas including New York, Boston, and Montreal.


There are a few options if you live in or would like to fly to New York.

  • Rent a Car – It’s about a four hour drive to the southern reaches of Vermont and six hours to the northern areas like Burlington.
  • Take the Train – Amtrak leaves Grand Central and Penn Stations and runs along the Hudson. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view to any of a number of destinations in Vermont. Consider getting off in Albany and renting a car from there if you’re going to SoVT.
  • Take the Bus – Greyhound will take you from the city to any number of Vermont stops.

Flying into Albany will bring you closer to all areas of Vermont. There are fewer direct flights from major cities, but plenty with just 1 stop. Once in New York’s capital city choose the following to make your way to VT.

  • Rent a Car – It’s about a half hour drive to the southern reaches of Vermont and three hours to the northern part of the state.
  • The Shires Connector – A direct bus service from the Albany airport, Amtrak station, and Greyhound terminal to southern Vermont with stops in Bennington and Manchester, VT.
  • Take the Train – The trains out of the Amtrak station in Albany bring you right into the heart of Vermont.
  • Take the Bus – Greyhound will take you to any number of Vermont stops.

Hartford is a very easy airport to navigate. Rent a car from here and get to Vermont in just over an hour by heading north on Highway 91.

It’s about three hours to drive from the Boston area to Vermont. From the airport, take the Mass Pike west (toll road) for the majority of the drive and then transfer and head north on Highway 91.

Congratulations! You’ve made it to The Green Mountain State


Many people in Connecticut spend their weekends in Vermont because it’s so accessible. Take Highway 91 north to get here. Estimate about 2 to 3 hours to our state line.

One turn off the Mass Pike will take you north into Vermont on Highway 91. For a more scenic drive that’s about the same amount of time, take Route 2 west.

You couldn’t be closer! Welcome Berkshires-area neighbors – hop on 91 north from the Northampton area or Route 7 north from Pittsfield.

Our southern New Hampshire friends should consider making their way to Concord and then getting on 89 north towards Lebanon. From here, stay on 89 to head towards the northern part of Vermont or get on 91 south to reach SoVT.

Mainers! Why can’t we be better friends? Our beautiful New England landscape makes the routes between Vermont and Maine picturesque and winding, but does make for a long trip. Rely on Google Maps depending on where in Maine you’re coming from, but keep an eye on seasonal road closures.

From the shores of Rhode Island take 295 north and then transfer over to 146 towards Worcester. From here, get on the Mass Pike going west and then exit to 91 north.


Once you’re here, the easiest way to get where you want to go when you want to go there is by car. Carpool or come with your own vehicle.

There is bus service a couple of times per day between major towns via Vermont Translines.

Uber is limited to the Burlington area.

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