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The Vermont Production Council works with productions large and small to execute their vision. See below for information on just some of the things we’ve worked on.

Contact us to help you get started. The VPC can answer your questions and assist you in getting preferred rates with select area vendors – saving you both time and money.


Production Savings

With preferred rates and community connections, VPC-affiliated projects are able to save over union productions and and standard costs. Here is an example budget breakdown.

  • Union Standard Budget $
  • Sustainable Budget $
  • Actual Cost with VPC $


In Summer 2018, Stormchasers filming took place across the state, including throughout Southern Vermont and up north in St. Albans. With a 15 person crew and $250,000 budget, the production filmed Vermont for a Midwest Tornado Alley town.

The Bachelor Winter Games


When production was on the hunt for the perfectly picturesque all-American place to serve as the backdrop for The Bachelor Winter Games, the search ended right here. The Town of Manchester played host to the show’s opening celebration with a parade down Main Street. Various locations for winter sporting competitions, accommodations, and date activities were also used by the 250+ person crew throughout Vermont.

The Vermont Production council was able to get the crew preferred rates on set dressing, venue fees, and serve up a list of local PAs and talent. Four two-hour episodes which all took place in Vermont aired on ABC in February 2018.


“Vermont was great and welcomed us with wide open arms. We had such a great time working with everyone there and the locations were perfect for our production! From a producing stand point everything was really easy to lock in. We didn’t really hear the word “no” in Vermont which is so amazing as a producer. I would definitely comeback to Vermont to work and or play!”

– Producer, ABC Network

The Land

Tragedy forces Amanda Burke to return to her Vermont roots where she must choose between her urban dream or working with the troubled ranch hand whose invisible scars threaten to upend it all.

Filmed entirely in Vermont with an 89% in-state crew, The Land’s four-day shoot realized a 67% savings over going rates in New York and Los Angeles. Based on standard union rates, using the same budget line items, the production would have cost between $95,000 and $120,000 USD, but came in at $32,261.


Production Savings

  • Union Standard Budget $
  • Sustainable Budget $
  • Actual Cost with VPC $

These numbers are variable on several factors, but demonstrates the ease and cooperation with which the production was executed. An additional day was added for pick-ups; most of the production staff did not ask for additional salary for that day, others offered a highly discounted rate, on top of their already discounted rate. The production also received support from outside sources on catering, location rentals, equipment rentals, post production, sound, musical licensing and other line items that would otherwise be unavailable to outside producers.

Production Partners

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