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October 14, 2017

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September 25, 2017

Organization to Foster Film Productions in State

MANCHESTER, VT: “We’ve Greenlit The Green Mountains” boasts the website of the newly-formed Vermont Production Council. The goal of the organization is to identify and promote resources from around the state and to connect them with content creators seeking locations, experienced screenwriters, cinematographers, production accountants, equipment manufactures, and industry professionals of all trades.

Says Jennifer Rutherford of Velocity Media, “Vermont is rich with production resources. Our objective is to streamline the process for outside productions looking to film within the state and ensure they are connected with talented personnel, versatile locations, and rental houses, and are aware of the numerous resources available to them.”

“Vermont is an ideal and idyllic place for film production. It boasts picturesque locations and the diversity of landscapes here satisfy the majority of scenarios that writers portray in their scripts,” adds Sal Tassone, Executive Producer of Los Angeles based Zen Master Films.

One of the VPC’s first initiatives is The Land, a short film created by Velocity Media for the express purpose of demonstrating the ease with which all necessary services, locations, and equipment can be attained for filming. A published comparative budget analysis on the group’s website puts the savings on this production at over 50% what it would have cost to create the same piece with crews in a location like Los Angeles or New York. The VPC will be debuting the project in front of an audience of filmmakers at the Independent Television Festival, an international event being held in Manchester, VT October 11-15.

“The festival is an exciting opportunity to showcase to the television community the accessibility and opportunities that the state offers. There are already a number of productions filming throughout the year who have taken advantage of the people of Vermont’s entrepreneurial attitude,” says the festival’s director and member of the council, Philip Gilpin, Jr. “The support of the festival by the local business community like our presenting sponsor, The Vermont Country Store, has also been driven by a long-term outlook and the goal to attract more productions to the area.”

Gilpin continues, “The aim of ITVFest as a whole is to nurture and provide opportunity for independent series productions. The VPC is a welcome partner for ITVFest and gives us the opportunity to have a year-round economic impact throughout the state. It is a partnership that we hope to grow over time.”

The underlying economic potential of increasing the number of productions in Vermont is a key driver of the VPC. Vermont has long been a community that fosters creative vision and projects like The Cider House Rules, Baby Boom, Funny Farm, and White Christmas provide hundreds, sometimes thousands of jobs, as they require the expertise of individuals in a number of fields, including skilled laborers like electricians and builders.

This month, the Vermont Production Council also debuted an online directory of Vermont-specific filming assets. Located at, the directory lists Vermont companies, individuals, and locations already available and ready to work with film productions. Property and business owners and independent contractors are all welcome to submit their information to be listed. Developing services of the Vermont Production Council that will be available to interested filmmakers also include site tours, location scouting, and preferred partner rates with VPC-associated companies.